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Are you looking for a Wodonga mortgage broker for your home loans? When you take the initial steps toward purchasing your own home, it may be both thrilling and daunting. Many individuals are not aware of where to turn when purchasing in a competitive market. 

Although there are hundreds of mortgage brokers in Australia, is best equipped to assist you in narrowing down your options by suburb or large city and can link you with a local broker. 

Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

The most significant benefit we can offer is a simple and direct one: The selection of over 60 lenders and over 500 products are available from the central banks and lenders associated with us. These benefits enable us to discover the perfect fit for your specific needs. All of these products are well-understood by our brokers.

Our brokers are attentive to your needs and guide the best course of action. We take care of the paperwork, the applications, and the follow-up with the lenders to ensure that your application is processed and goes through to final approval.

Common Questions About Mortgage Brokers In Wodonga VIC

For first home buyers, here are the most common questions which may enlighten you about mortgage brokers in Wodonga:

What Does A Mortgage Broker Do?

A mortgage broker is an individual that assists you in obtaining a mortgage loan by examining your finances and comparing mortgage products from several lenders to locate the one that best fits your specific needs.

Some lenders deal primarily with mortgage brokers and depend on them as gatekeepers to deliver qualified borrowers. Some lenders may prohibit you from calling them directly to get a retail mortgage. 

As a result of the amount of business they produce, brokers may also be able to negotiate cheaper interest rates with lenders than you can get on your own. 

There are lenders with troublesome payment restrictions hidden deep in their mortgage papers that a mortgage broker may help you avoid.

Can Mortgage Brokers Get Me A Better Deal?

Many homebuyers use a mortgage broker to help them shop around to discover the most favourable terms and rates for their mortgage finance solutions

The advantages of dealing with a local mortgage broker outweigh the disadvantages of doing it yourself. 

Mortgage brokers shop rates for you. They put in the time and effort to get you the most appropriate rate for your unique financial requirements.

How Are Mortgage Brokers Paid?

Typically, mortgage brokers are compensated between 1 and 2% of each loan they arrange. In certain instances, they are paid by the borrower and, in others, by the lender. Under existing legislation, they cannot be paid by both the borrower and the lender.

Therefore, the broker may anticipate receiving $1,000 to $2,000 for every $100,000 loan amount. With typical home loans of $414,114 in November 2021, a broker may make $4,141 to $8,282 on an average transaction. 

A mortgage broker may be self-employed or employed by a corporation with many brokers. Employee brokers may get a salary and share commissions with their parent company.

Does A Mortgage Broker Need To Be Licensed In Wodonga?

To become a mortgage broker in Australia, you must become a credit licence holder’s agent. 

The first two years of your career will be spent as a representative of a licence holder. Then you may choose whether to remain a representative or get your credit licence. 

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has a minimum education requirement for licence applicants. The minimum necessary education is an FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

What Is an Australian Credit Licence?

With an Australian credit licence (ACL), you and your agents are authorised to carry out the credit activities listed on the licence.

As part of the application process for an ACL, you must show that you have the education and experience necessary to fulfil Australian Securities and Investments Commission or ASIC’s standards.

What is A Mortgage Calculator?

Before meeting with a broker, you should conduct some of your research. A mortgage calculator is a fast and simple method to see the typical interest rates for the type of mortgage you’re applying for. 

Whether it’s a repayment or personal loan calculator, we can assist you with estimating your financial needs.

How Can I Make Loan Comparison?

When the time comes to evaluate different loans, it is always crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of all of the applicable charges. This encompasses more than simply the main payment that is due each month. There may also be other expenditures involved, such as monthly fees, interest rates, and even more. 

Using our loan comparison calculator enables us to assist you in putting these elements into perspective, therefore, allowing you to choose the loan that best meets your needs. 

Handy Tips

Here are some handy tips when you decide to engage with a mortgage advisor:

Considerations When Engaging With a Mortgage Advisor

  1. Make sure the broker is licensed.  They must either possess a valid Australian credit licence or be an authorised credit representative.
  2. Request your mortgage broker’s credentials. A mortgage broker requires a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking. However, financial advisers must possess a bachelor’s degree.
  3. When selecting a loan, a reputable broker should be able to provide you with many choices. Additionally, the broker should explain why they believe a specific loan is the best option.
  4. Learn how brokers get paid. Most brokers get commissions from banks for arranging their loans instead of receiving payment from you for their services. 

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Lending money isn’t as simple as buying a property. So what you need is someone who’s looking out for your best interests at all times. 

It is advantageous to have a mortgage broker who always has your best interest. We will continue to assist you until you’ve signed, settled, and secured your mortgage choice loan.

We enable our staff to secure the best possible rate for your financing requirements. Our local brokers are constantly being updated in order to know the most recent developments in the industry. Thus, we are competitive in the mortgage industry. 

Here is why we are different from the rest of our competitors:

  1. At, we are committed to being flexible and enjoyable to work with. We offer packages designed to meet the various needs of our clients.
  2. Our Salestrekker Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a complete end-to-end solution that enables banks and credit unions to process their loan transactions and manage their marketing and compliance needs.
  3. Our dedicated team and lead generation capabilities allow us to offer our clients pre-qualified leads with generous commission splits.
  4. We provide ongoing training and development to our broker partners to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. 
  5. We also hold regular compliance workshops to keep our partners up-to-date. Our Head of Compliance is available to answer any questions or concerns.

Services that My Local Broker Offers

My Local Broker is a group of qualified mortgage and finance brokers committed to assisting you in arriving at the most advantageous choices about your mortgage. 

Our brokers are committed to cultivating lifelong connections with our customers’ financial situation by adhering to professionalism and honesty in everything we do. 

The brokers make it a point to provide individualised services catered to each customer’s specific requirements and objectives. Our mortgage finance solutions allow borrowers to submit applications and get pre-approval and mortgage tools online. has expanded to offer various products and financial services. We can now help our customers with car loans, business loans, personal loans, investment loans, agribusiness lending, equipment finance, and financial planning

Most of our brokers specialise in the following:

  • Personal
  • Bridging
  • Fixed-rate and standard variable rate loans
  • Construction
  • Property
  • Car
  • Purchase
  • Debt consolidation
  • Commercial
  • Refinancing
  • Investment
  • First home buyer
  • Financial planning
  • Second buyer
  • Asset finance
  • Self-employed

What Are Some Key Benefits For You?

​​Our specialists can assist you in locating a mortgage that matches your requirements, whether you are:

  • Investing in real estate
  • Purchasing your first house
  • Increasing your existing loan
  • Seeking to refinance to get a better rate

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We serve the whole area of Victoria, including Albury-Wodonga (NSW 2640), Wangaratta, Benalla, Castle Creek, Lavington, Shepparton, and Wodonga, VIC 3690, amongst others.

All that is required of you is to choose a time and location for when you would want to visit us. After that, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything on your behalf. 

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