David Fraser
Bayland Finance

Complex lending solutions, Commercial, SMSF

David is the heart and soul of Bayland Finance. With an impressive 30-year career as a chartered accountant, David has honed his expertise in finance with some of the biggest and most connected financial institutions in Melbourne.

As a proud Mornington resident for fifteen years, David founded Bayland Finance in 2016 to contribute to the growth of his local community. Specialising in lending solutions, he is dedicated to seeing Mornington thrive.

David is deeply rooted in his community. He has served as a board member for Peninsula Leisure, played a crucial role in the audit and risk committee for Frankston City Council, and has been an active member of the Mornington Peninsula Shire Audit and Risk Committee.

David’s passion for community extends to the local sports scene, where he’s always ready for a friendly chat. You might spot him at various sporting events, embodying the spirit of Bayland Finance – personable, approachable, and genuinely invested in local success.

When he’s not navigating financial landscapes, David enjoys staying active with a combination of swimming and running. His love for helping people find their financial footing goes hand in hand with his personable nature, making every interaction meaningful. David is not just a finance expert; he’s a community builder, always with time for those he meets along the way.