More lenders, more bargaining power

With a broader range of products and options, we have the bargaining power and flexibility to negotiate better rates and customise solutions to tailor the ideal loan package for you.
MLB Lenders

More bargaining power

With access to more lenders, our brokers can compare the most competitive loans in the market and leverage our lender relationships to negotiate an even better deal for you. More choice also allows us to find alternative solutions for borrowers with credit histories that make it challenging to secure a loan.

Settle Easy

Settle Easy

Conveyancing service with a completely digital experience for your customers, making the process of buying and selling property simple and hasslefree.

My Connect

My Connect

Utilities connections service including Electricity, Gas, Water, Internet, Phone and Pay TV.

Honey Insurance

Honey Insurance

Smarter home insurance helping you prevent avoidable accidents.

Why My Local Broker?

Access to diverse products

A broad portfolio of lending partners gives us access to 500+ products. So, we can match customers with loans that best fit their specific situation, like low-interest rates, unique terms, or meeting the criteria to access government grants and schemes.

Competitive rates and terms

Our brokers can instantly compare rates, terms, and conditions from multiple lending partners. This competition allows our brokers to negotiate better rates and more favourable customer terms on your behalf.

Tailored Solutions

Different lenders have different criteria and specialities. With numerous partners, we can tailor solutions to meet individual needs, considering factors like credit history, income, property type, and unique circumstances.

Increased chance of approval

Not all lenders have the same approval criteria. Access to multiple lenders improves the chances of finding one more likely to approve the customer’s loan application, especially if you have unusual financial circumstances.

Specialised expertise

Some lending partners specialise in certain types of loans (e.g., first home buyers, investment properties, renovation loans). Your local broker can tap into this expertise and access products to suit customer’s individual requirements.

Options in challenging circumstances

In cases where customers have unique or challenging financial situations, we can find alternative solutions or niche lenders that are more accommodating.

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