Michael Parnemann
Wealth & Lifestyle Finance

Michael Parnemann is married with three high school children with the oldest two having a deaf & blind disability. I am passionate about how “AI” can assist with developing neural network devices to assist with the loss of sight in children.

Michael is also passionate about helping people with finance for personal, business, commercial and Self-managed Superfund.

You deserve a broker who listens, understands, and negotiates on your behalf by finding the right loan options with competitive rates while offering great service. I have been approving loans for the last 20 years and have worked in the finance industry as a Director of Finance for Commercial and Residential developments from Multi-National companies to boutique lending for doctors, accountants, and solicitors.

My role is to develop a strategy to propel your wealth using finance, and believe that property investment is the road to creating a brighter future, all you need is a dedicated team providing timely advice while supporting you on your journey.

I am a supporter of raising the living standards in Australia and believe the transition to a low-cost clean energy solution using solar, wind farms and battery storage will accelerate the change to electric vehicles and remove the reliance on depleting our natural resources and having to pay another tax as we will not need to import petroleum products from overseas.

I want to educate others about having an investment outside of fiat currency due to the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of our savings which is constantly diminishing over time, as the cost of all goods is increasing and having investments in property or shares can help offset this to provide an income in retirement.

We are about to see a significant change as central banks would like to introduce a digital currency where they have control and can dictate the value, access and what your money can be used for. The better option is an open-source digital currency that is immune to seizure, and censorship, provides anonymity and is decentralized with a limited supply meaning it will be a store of value over time. This will be inflation-proof as governments generally print money after every recession to pay for their growing debt where Australia’s is currently 42% of G.D.P